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Jess – Self Confidence and Assertiveness Issues

Alison – Fear of Public Speaking

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Fear of Heights

On our first meeting, Derek put me at ease. I felt I could talk to him about my fears without feeling anxious and that he would help me overcome them. His approach gave me confidence in his ability.

I was most impressed in the ease with which he put me under hypnosis, and in the way he stressed a positive approach to my concerns.  My confidence grew with each session.

My ability to use self hypnosis with the assistance of Derek’s pre-recorded voice was amazing. It helped me greatly and continues to do so. I am now able to relax easily and I no longer worry so much about high places.

I felt totally involved in my own treatment. Derek’s approach has given me the power to overcome my fears on my own. I continue to listen to ‘the voice’ and so feel empowered.

I am delighted that I have already been able to cope with a height that I never thought possible.

It is early days, but I am sure that I have overcome my fear of heights. I know that I have to continue to use all the strategies that I have learnt but my determination to put the fear behind me is all due to Derek’s therapeutic approach. I am most grateful.

Peter B. from Henley-in-Arden, U.K.


Self Confidence and Stress Related Issues

I was very happy with Derek’s approach to my treatment as he was extremely professional without being intimidating. He made me feel comfortable and at ease so I was able to feel relaxed with talking openly about my issues without any judgment. The most important moments for me during the sessions were feeling able to talk about major issues from my past that had obviously stayed with me and affected my confidence and the way I dealt with things since. To then work specifically on dealing with those issues so they didn’t seem such a major ordeal was very empowering!

I noticed almost straight away that I felt much more confident in my everyday life and the way I approached things and like a weight had been lifted so I immediately felt happier and more positive. I even joined an online dating site within the first week which is something I’d been too scared to do previously because of my lack of confidence and negativity!

My health seems to have improved too as I’m sure some of my health issues were very much stress related but now I’m much more relaxed about life, those issues have subsided significantly.

Overall the main results I have noticed is a huge boost in confidence, positivity and much more tolerance to things that would’ve previously angered or frustrated me unnecessarily. I am a lot more tolerant of other people who would’ve normally annoyed me as I just let their behaviour go over my head a lot more now and don’t take it personally like I used to.

My organisation has greatly improved too as I was very unorganised with my time but Derek gave me some tips and treatment to help with that. This means ultimately I’m getting more done in less time instead of wasting time doing unimportant things like before and I’m also finding time for myself to relax and I’m getting more sleep.

Now that I have a new outlook and way of dealing with things I definitely want to stay this way and so with all the techniques Derek has taught me to use at home to tackle any stress or negative feelings I feel I am now able to maintain these changes and look forward to the future with much more positivity and confidence.

Fiona S. from Worcester, U.K.


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